5 Window Treatments Trends

If your window coverings are looking a little drab, it may be time for an update. The choices can be overwhelming, so what are the latest and hottest styles? Here are some design trends currently on The Shade Shop’s radar:

1. Natural ElementsTop Window Treatment Trend: organic materials such as woven wood shades bring nature indoors

The use of organic or green materials has become increasingly important to many homeowners. Not only are eco-friendly materials gentle on the environment, design experts love the way they bring nature indoors. Think natural woven wood shades made of matchstick, bamboo, or grass weaves to bring sophisticated yet earthly style into the home.

2. Patterns:

Top Window Treatment Trend: creative patterns create a dramatic focal point in any room

While solid colors may feel like a safe choice, creative patterns are extremely popular in both contemporary and traditional homes today. Bold stripes or large-scaled geometric patterns such as chevron are increasingly used on draperies, Roman shades, or laminated roller shades to create a dramatic focal point in any room.

3. MetallicsTop Window Treatment Trend: metallics can add retro glamour or modern style

Silver, bronze, and gold are certainly making a design comeback of their own. To get in vogue with this trend, layer metallic fabrics with simple sheers, utilize dramatic bronze or gold drapery hardware, or dress your windows with Hunter Douglas Alustra® Silhouettes. Metallic can add retro glamour or sleek, modern style to any home.

4. Pops of Color:

Top Window Treatment Trend: bold and vibrant touches of color add personality to your spaceWhile neutrals used to dominate the window covering scene, bold and vibrant colors are clearly on the rise.  Used alongside neutral walls or furniture, colorful window treatments add personality and pizzazz to an otherwise ordinary room. From room-brightening and cheerful yellows to luxurious jewel tones like amethyst, the possibilities for adding oomph with color are endless.

5. Let the Light in:Top Window Treatment Trend: allow ample light in with Silhouette shades or sheer draperies

One trend that’s never gone out of style is to use window treatments that allow ample natural light into the space. Simple sheer draperies can add warmth to a room while letting light seep in, while Silhouette® shades tilt to let you choose the amount of outside light to let in to suit your mood or privacy needs. Want a more modern look? Solar shades can block the heat and harsh sun while letting the light trickle through.