The Beginning of an Era: The Shade Shop Blog

Hi there and welcome to The Shade Shop’s inaugural blog post!

While our family-owned business has been providing window treatments for nearly a century (hold your calendars for a 100th anniversary party in 2018!), we have yet to share our creative expertise with a broader audience. With this blog, we’re excited to finally have an outlet for sharing ideas and engaging design experts and novices alike.

Here you’ll find all of the latest and greatest information on custom window treatments and outdoor shading solutions. You’ll see spotlights on trending products, before and after home makeover pictures, and interviews with experts in the design community (interior designers, architects, and our wildly interesting staff to name a few). Any other topics you’re itching to have us cover? Drop us a line in the comments section.

So bookmark this blog and check back soon or add our RSS feed… either way, get ready to see and learn more about The Shade Shop, get your creative juices flowing, and be inspired.

Until next time, friends.