Designing a Man Cave for Dad this Father’s Day

Looking for the perfect gift for your dad or husband this Father’s Day? If you’re looking to spice things up, give him a gift he’ll really love – a man cave.

I used to balk at the idea of a man cave. Why should he get an entirely dedicated space all to himself if I don’t get a woman’s cave? I had a change of heart when A) my husband kindly pointed out that most of the house was “mine” in the sense that I picked the design and functionality of each room (touché), and B) I selfishly realized it might work to my advantage to confine his activities I’m less of a fan of to one room.

So what goes in a man cave? It’s likely that he’ll want it decked out with a flat screen TV, a fully-stocked bar, a mini-fridge, and a comfy sofa. Depending on his hobbies, he’ll likely insist on a video game console, drum set, gym equipment, sound system or maybe a pool table. My vote? Give him the freedom to choose these things, while you decorate his man-sanctuary for him this Father’s Day.

While you’re picking the décor, keep in mind that some loud activities (screaming at the game on ESPN, pretending he’s in a rock n’ roll band, etc.) will likely take place in there and a lot of activity will probably center around the TV screen.  It may be wise to choose window treatments that can reduce sound or keep the harsh glare from the sun off of his flat screen.

Duette Architella with PowerRise Technology

Duette honeycomb shades give Dad the freedom to adjust the light coming into his man cave.

Hunter Douglas’ honeycomb Duette® shades will not only add style to his man cave, but can be custom-made in a variety of textures and fabrics that can help block out the light. With fabrics ranging from sheer to fully opaque and with the option of opening from the top or bottom of your windows, Duette® shades will allow Dad to control the amount of light let in the room.

If you’re looking to drown out noise while adding personality to the man cave, draperies can be custom-made in the pattern and texture of your choosing, with added inner-lining to reduce sound. Plantation shutters are also a favorite choice among homeowners and have the added bonus of reducing sound when completely shut. No need to sacrifice style for functionality!

Next? Round up Dad’s friends to help him break in his new man cave!