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Corradi Pergotenda

Corradi Pergotenda® — A custom made and innovative  solution for every space.  Corradi’s  Pergotenda® creates customized solutions every day to discover the potential of  every outdoor area, transforming it into a smart and welcoming haven, while  still protecting from sun, wind and rain.

Corradi Pergotenda® Products:

Pergotenda®  Millenium – The Pergotenda® Millenium is the ideal solution for modern  architectural settings.  The structure is  made entirely of aluminum, but the exclusive “alusteel” finish makes the metal  surface look like stainless steel, creating an unmatched aesthetical  effect.

Pergotenda®  Twin – The Pergotenda® Twin is designer for those who love design but still  demand the warmth that only wood can give.   The possibility of choosing the color of this structure in more than 200  colors from the RAL® range, makes it suitable for any settings, even the most  particular.

Pergotenda® Iridium – With Pergotenda® Iridium, aluminum becomes weightless.  Simple solid shapes and functional strength  in perfect Corradi fashion.

Pergotenda®Arko – Sinuous and refined, it protects and elegantly decorates public and  private outdoor spaces with its intriguing curved beams.  With its cantilevered design, it is a great  solution when the only structural support is a wall, without the option of  front posts.

Pergotenda®  Sliding Glass Doors – The sliding glass foors, designed to close the  perimeter of the Pergotenda®, protect against wind and rain.