Corradi Velombra Sail Awnings

Corradi Velombra Sail Awnings

The Velombra sail awnings are theresult of an  intense research, which combines nautical technology with comfort and  design.  While they can be completely  rolled up in a few seconds thanks to a motorized or manual mechanishm, these  amazing systems protect against the sun and rain and are resistant to salt  corrosion thanks to the extensive use of marine-grade stainless steel, anodized  aluminum and Dacron® (standard white color), the same fabric used for  sailboats.

DefenderDefender is a shading system with a surface of 120 or 150 square feet,  available with ground pedestal or with wall mounted support.  With the pedestal it is possible to rotate it  360 degrees, while on the wall can be rotated up to 90 degrees.  The canvas can be rolled up in a few seconds  manually or with an optional radio-controlled motor.  Upon request, a motorized Defender can be  equipped with an optional wind sensor, allowing the system automatically close  in case of high winds.

X-tension – X-tension is a range of roll-up covers, totally custom made and suitable for  the shading of very large areas (up to 800 square feet per awning).  They can be used in various combinations to  create some spectacular effects.   Supported by stainless steel posts or wall brackets, they can also be  installed on pre-existing anchoring elements, such as walls, columns, tress,  etc.  They can be retracted manually or  by an optional motor, using a radio-controlled motor, while an optional wind  sensor can ensure automatic closing in case of strong winds.

Intrepit Intrepid is a self –supporting shading system without need for ground anchors,  which is supported by four aluminum posts, two of which sustain the roller tube  and the other two (motorized) allow the opening and closing of the  awnings.  Fitted on request with an  adjustable-height wooden deck, Intrepid includes two retractable sail awning on  an anodized aluminum profile and is available in four different sizes.